Community Commitment

Since we are a family owned business we believe in helping families and organizations within our community. We recognize that a healthy community needs the support of business partners to accomplish goals and to keep the momentum going. Every neighborhood has its challenges and at Spring Glass & Mirror we are committed to delivering initiatives that restore the hope for the families in need and the elderly.

Often times, it’s just the extension of our help in restoring a simple window or several windows within a home. Our rewards are seen through the appreciation in the families’ eyes and the smiles we put back on their faces.

Spring Glass & Mirror is proud to strengthen organizations through donations to the American Cancer Society, St. Jude, MS and several other foundations. Each donation does make a difference for one more individual or one more family.

Dedicated to our market’s growth and being the best corporate and individual steward is what keeps our community thriving. By working together we strengthen our neighborhood and improve the quality of life.